Wed, Aug 22, 2018

Welcome to Derek Daily, a series tthat was a livestream from YouTube, but fits better as a blog post. Today, I ddidn’t go to school. Instead, I had a day based in Birmingham. Early this morning (8am CST), I had an appointment to adjust my glasses, then we went to Dollar General, and Ross. Then, we headed to lunch at Taco Bell. After that, we headed to Childrens of Alabama, for my therapy appointment, where we did my typical therapy session, then we did e-stim, which is where my therapist attached electrodes to my lower back, and started a machine which sent an electric ccurrent through my nerves blocking my pain sensor and making my back feel tingly. Then we got an ice cream cone, and picked my brother up from school. We went to Walmart next, and are now home eating Boston Butt.