Thursday September 6,2018- Sunday, September 9, 2018

Oh, where to begin with this chaotic blog post recapping on the last few days. On the 6th (Thursday), you’ll have noticed by now I was completely silent on the blog, the website didn’t get any updates, booking were blocked, and no (0, not one) social media posts were made, anywhere, even on my personal pages. That’s because it was a really painful and stressful and long day. If you watched my”Important Medical Update” video I posted a couple days ago (here) , you’ll know this by now. Early start to that day, in Birmingham, to get my eyes checked (they’re better 20/40 vs 20/60 my first time around), I had a gut-wrenching pain in my QL muscle (explained in video here time 1:27), so I went in to my therapist (she’s awesome btw) and we got it released (it was just really tight) and now I have therapy once a week. My teachers, friends, peers, subscribers, parents, and therapists have been great at understanding my concerns and needs–and I can’t thank you all enough. Friday, I talked to each of my AMAZING teachers and told them what was going on and we came up with a plan to help me not get behind according and in reference to my 504 plan (explained here). And yesterday, I laid around and rested, while my mom was sick (great timing, right), as it was such an emotional week. Today, I am catching up with my work. Peace. See y’all Monday