My #PatientsArentFaking Stories

TW: Medical trauma, Surgery Gone Wrong

Story 1: About 6ish months after my first surgery, I had horrible pain and spasticity around where I had a screw inserted. I went to an ER and the doctor examined me, then told me to “not think about it”

Story 2: After my first surgery’s cast was removed, I noticed an open-looking spot on the bottom of my foot, where a button was previously. My doctor told me not to worry about it, and ran me antibiotics, even though it was causing me significant pain. My amazing physical therapist (you know who you are) called a wound care specialist because she was concerned by it. The wound care specialist essentially diagnosed it as a closed-over level 3 pressure sore and gave me all sorts of wound care treatment stuff. The area reopened and it was treated after the topicals were applied. It took my surgeon I demanded that he tell me what he did for him to say he “pulled the button too tight and made a pressure sore”. If I wouldn’t have pushed it, I more than likely wouldn’t have a foot right now, or a lot of my foot tissue would’ve died off due to the infection.