Admin: Contributor Opportunity

We are doing something that we’ve never done before at Derek S. Services. We’re opening up positions for blog contributors to post on the blog. Small advocates and writers are eligible to come on the blog to post their pieces, after approval by the admin team.

Posts from Derek will be published under his account and will not change. His posts will never come from this account. Posts from this contributor account will he tagged by the writers name and a colon, for instance admins are tagged “Admin:” before the article title.

We’re open and excited for these new opportunities! Send us an email at with an example piece and we’ll get back to you with legal things and login information within 5-10 business days.

This is an amazing change and we’re excited to give our platform to those who deserve to be heard! It is also one of the many changes that will he in place by April 2 on our relaunch!

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