Sevan: A Gay, Disabled Teen Romance Release Updates

I have some very important Sevan: A Gay, Disabled Teen Romance release and scheduling updates to announce. Please read this, even though it’s long! I’ve also attached a TL;DR at the bottom if you just want to read that.

Pre-orders will automatically deliver to devices on June 4.
General Kindle sales start on June 5 and any purchases on that date and anytime thereafter deliver immediately.
You can order at:

I may end up doing a Twitter LIVE or a Space to celebrate the launch, but I’m not sure yet. Stay tuned for updates on that front.

We are working on a paperback! There are some edits I still need to work through before I will send the copy to be formatted for print. I’m hoping to have them done by the 5th and send it for formating right after, but I’m not sure I can do that and still offer my best work. I’m shooting for a paperback to be orderable by June 15th, but after I finish these edits, I still have formatting to get done, and then wait for my proofs before I can confidently approve them. I will allow Amazon to begin shipping and distribution of it as soon as I can.

Regardless if I have paperbacks out by June 15, I will issue an update to Kindle copies on this date to reflect the edits I’ve made between the original publication and that date. I’ll provide more info on how to update copies on June 15, so please be on the lookout for that.

I can’t wait for all of you to get your hands on my book baby and (hopefully) fall in love with my characters and my story.

-Preorders release June 4.
-Regular sales start June 5.
-Order at
-Paperback and last-minute edits are in progress.
-I’ll approve the paperback for sale as soon as I can.
-An update to Kindle copies will be pushed on June 15.

I can’t wait!