I’m on Disability After Dark with Andrew Gurza!

Hey, y’all! I recorded an episode of Disability After Dark with Andrew Gurza and it’s out now! We discuss life as a disabled and queer teenager, my advocacy journey, my partner, and more! My episode, "Episode #320: Working toward a world where queerness and disability is loved and accepted, not just tolerated w/ Derek Schmitz"… Continue reading I’m on Disability After Dark with Andrew Gurza!

Colorado Springs

Hello. I wish I wasn't writing this. I don't even know where to start. Trigger warning for discussions of mass shootings, hate crimes against LGBTQ people, and Transgender Day of Remembrance. This morning, I woke up to news alerts of a shooting at an LGBTQ+ nightclub in Colorado Springs. The AP, CNN, and Washington Post… Continue reading Colorado Springs

CDC FOIA Update #4

This is the 4th, and unfortunately final, update to my saga of requesting records from the CDC regarding the handling of the COVID pandemic. Last Friday, the analyst covering my case quoted me a whopping and exorbitant $976 for the processing of my request and gave me five days (until November 1) to either a)… Continue reading CDC FOIA Update #4

Did I Really Have a Choice to Become Immunocompromised?

This piece will be short with a more venting tone. I'm not editing this much or letting anyone proof it, so it might be a mess. But, stick with me, because I am angry and I need someplace to put this. As I've covered quite extensively in a few previous pieces (like How I Knew… Continue reading Did I Really Have a Choice to Become Immunocompromised?