Public Engagement and Press

Derek Schmitz has been featured in and contributed to multiple written and audio-visual press works, as well as public engagements. All are linked below. Some links are underlined, although others are not due to technical glitches within WordPress. All titles are clickable after the colon.

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Upcoming Conference Appearances:

April 4—6, 2023: National Youth Employment Coalition 2023 Annual Forum

The US Department of Labor Office of Disability Employment Policy, Council of State Governments, and Cornell University Center for Advancing Policy on Employment for Youth: Coming Soon

Council for Exceptional Children Special Education Today: Coming Soon

CreakyJoints, January 18, 2023: Advocating for Change: Derek’s Dream for Disability Rights

ADRS TV, January 3, 2023: 2022 ADRS Year in Review

Disability After Dark Podcast, December 11, 2022: Episode 320: Working toward a world where queerness and disability is loved and accepted, not just tolerated w/ Derek Schmitz.

Autoimmune Community Institute Blog, November 10, 2022: Reflections on My Time at the Autoimmune Community Institute as I Exit (originally published on my blog here)

Alabama Disability:IN Conference, October 19, 2022: Derek Schmitz

Autoimmune Community Institute Blog, September 1, 2022: Vocational Rehabilitation Centers are Useful, Hidden Gems in Disability Support (originally published on my blog here)

Arcadian Audios, July 26, 2022: (ASMR) Boyfriend Comforts You While You Rest [Low Energy Comfort] [M4A Boyfriend ASMR]

CreakyJoints, July 14, 2022: What Patient Advocates Want You to Know About Living with Disability

Public Health Podcaster Network Twitter Spaces, June 27, 2022: LGBTQ+ Awareness for Public Health

WAFF 48, May 16, 2022: Alabama doctor speaks on Federal Judge blocking transgender law

USA Today, April 20, 2022: ‘More fearful than I was’: At-risk immunocompromised Americans decry lifting of travel mask mandate

WAFF 48, April 12, 2022: Alabama transgender teen speaks out on new laws

ADRS TV, April 1, 2022: Access ADRS Episode 9 (appearance begins at 1:54)

Autoimmune Community Institute Youtube Channel (representing Neighborhood Access), March 19, 2022: Autoimmune Community Institute Autoimmune Health Equity Summit 2022 (appearance begins at 2:00:57)

A Shaky Precipice, March 9, 2022: CP Awareness Month 2022: In Conversation with Derek Schmitz

Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services ADRS Today Blog, March 4, 2022: Advocacy is a lifelong mission for Oxford’s Schmitz

Autoimmune Community Institute Blog, February 11, 2022: Crash Course in Crash Prep (originally published on my blog here)

CreakyJoints, February 3, 2022: The Tricky Diagnosis Journey That Turned 17-Year-Old Derek Schmitz Into a Disability Advocate for Others

The US Department of Labor Office of Disability Employment Policy, Council of State Governments, and Cornell University Center for Advancing Policy on Employment for Youth, February 2022: Addressing the Needs of Youth with Disabilities and Other Intersecting Identities: State Strategies for Program Implementation

Home & Style UK, July 23, 2021: What Is a Body Pillow: Types, Benefits, and Considerations

Meaww, July 9, 2021: Who was Erin Gilmer? Disability rights advocate dies by suicide after posting cryptic tweet

What’s New with Nikki Podcast, July 9, 2021: Disability Awareness and Healthcare w/ Derek Schmitz

The Mighty, January 28, 2021: 34 Tweets That Prove Disability Has No Age Requirement

Camp ASCCA, July 28, 2016: Camp Life!

Anniston Star, March 8, 2014: Batter up! ‘Our own’ league gives all kids chance to enjoy baseball

WBRC, October 26, 2012: Mickey’s Weather Kids: Derek Schmizt (misspelling)