Hey Guys! Welcome Back!

Hey y’all, welcome back! We started private website construction and rebuilt the website from the ground up with new features and a new look.

Here’s what’s changed:

  1. NEW Homepage- we redid the way that one looked and added a new message.
  2. Updated the Videos tab to reflect the change from “Derek’s Epic Life Productions” to “Schmitz Family Productions”
  3. NEW Header/Footer design/layout
  4. Updated the Blog layout
  5. Brought back Daily Blogs
  6. Updated the Subscribe and Mailing List buttons
  7. Created a Privacy Policy
  8. Linked Privacy Policy in Footer
  9. Created Automated Welcome Emails
  10. Remade the Online Booking Portal to be more accessible and straightforward
  11. Made it easier for Members to book and keep track of bookings
  12. Updated the Booking terms + conditions
  13. Added s MEMBER’S ONLY Cancellation Policy
  14. Updated the Booking Schedule, we start April 2
  15. Added new Employee Work hours (M: 3:15pm-5pm, T: 3:15pm-5pm, W: 3:15pm-4pm, Th: 3:05pm-5pm, F: 3:05pm-5pm, Sat: 9am-12pm + 1pm-5pm, Sun: 3pm-6pm)*
  16. Created a Members Only Area
  17. Created a Discord Server
  18. Linked the Discord in Header
  19. Created a Linkedin Profile
  20. Linked the Linkedin in Header
  21. Added a Members Login in Header
  22. Added a Site Search in Header
  23. Removed all current members, so that they may get the new experience
  24. Created a member management area- You can access your follower numbers, bookings, and account information
  25. Brought back Quote of the Week
  26. Updated the Contact Form to make it more accessible and straightforward
  27. Added Social Links to Contact Forms
  28. Updated the Positions page to make it easier to apply to work with us, by integrating the application directly to the page
  29. Updated the Chat function
  30. Added a Welcome Lightbox (popup) on the Home page to display when site is opened
  31. Added a Subscribe Lightbox (popup) on the Blog page to display when blog is opened
  32. Added a Discount Lightbox (popup) W/COUPON CODE on the Online Booking Portal page to display when the booking is opened
  33. Updated the footer’s Copyright Notice
  34. Updated the Mobile versions to reflect the above changes

We really hope you enjoy these new changes and let us know if you want to see any improvements!

* all times are Central Time (GMT-6)