Sunday, January 20, 2019

Wow. I’m back. I took a long time off (67 days, about 2.5 months), but I’m here now and Daily Blogging is back too. Yesterday, the site underwent major changes (Click here to see what all was changed) and is now functional for the rest of 2019. My mom also has the flu. Youtube is going strong, with weekly uploads every Sat+Sun (super simple, we record and edit in advance and schedule them to go up), and we have videos until February 3rd, then we’ll take a break there, but here we’ll still be going on here. My foot surgery (video explanation here) is coming up really quickly on Valentine’s Day, and its almost surreal, its like odd because I’m nervous, yet excited. And, I’m actively pursuing ways to better my mental health and mentality, because it’s hard, and I’ve just been in a slump lately, but everyone will go through that at some point. But, yeah, that’s just an update of where I am now. Also, this weather is crazy. We had tornadoes yesterday, an eclipse today, and 30 degree temperatures. Talk to y’all tomorrow!