Derek S. Services company changes

Hi all. I’m a staff member for Derek S. Services. I do all sorts of things for Derek, and today, writing his blog posts is one of them.

The company has gone through bunches of different changes. Here’s a list

1. Derek is on leave, and the company (except backend) is closed.

2. Got a new website (

3. Added Dillon, as an employee, in our Production district

4. Added new Employee Work hours (M: 3:15pm-5pm, T: 3:15pm-5pm, W: 3:15pm-4pm, Th: 3:05pm-5pm, F: 3:05pm-5pm, Sat: 9am-12pm + 1pm-5pm, Sun: 3pm-6pm)*

That’s all the changes for now. 🙂

*central time

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