Life Update (since Jan 21)

Hey guys, Derek here, back with another blog post.

So, I took a pretty long break from writing blog posts (over 3 months, 118 days), because my life was crazy busy and hectic. So, here’s a list of things that I did, and there’ll be details along the way.

1. Updated my website, did a makeover and changed the layout.

2. Created a business website ( to separate business and personal stuff

3. Had foot surgery on Valentine’s Day. It went well, have 5 incisions and a screw in my foot right now.

4. Did some BTS business things, that I will not disclose at this time.

5. Created a 32-minute video entitled Surgery Chronicles, in which I talked all about my surgery. (Watch it here)

6. Started Virtual School, to better manage my time for therapy and schoolwork.

7. Started a Reddit profile (here)

8. Got a foot infection. It was a pressure sore, caused by surgery.

9. Rebranded Schmitz Family Productions (channel, twitter) with a brand new look and new playlists.

10. Started daily livestreaming

11. Resumed regular content on our Sat/Sun upload schedule. There’s a lot in the works that many don’t know about.

12. Resuming daily blogging (hopefully)

13. Started physical therapy (PT). I’m walking a little bit

14. Started occupational therapy (OT) for help with my arm.

15. Started a corporate Twitter account (here)

16. Started a new personal Twitter account (here)

That’s it. It feels really good to be back. Until tomorrow, peace. 🙂