May 22, 2019

Hey guys, Derek here, back with another blog post*.

Yesterday, I took my final math exam and got my final grades. I had all A’s on my final report card. That means, I’m getting an iPhone #bluetextgang.

Today, I had issues with my writing service. My account was closed, but it got reopened. Then, I realized part of my data was gone, so I contacted support again, with no response yet. I also did some writing, as I went ahead and migrated the data I do have to Google Docs and continued writing. I have some good ideas and am really motivated to write right now, as I have 3 books, with 2 that I’m currently working on.

Then, I did some business stuff. If you saw the tweet I sent out on my corporate account, that you should follow, right here, I told my employees to check their Slack. Slack is a business-exclusive management and messaging system. So, I did a bunch work wise today.

I’m watching the weather for Oklahoma and Missouri, Jesus they’re taking a beating, let’s pray everyone’s okay.

It’s currently 11:20pm, I’m tired, and I’m going to bed. Goodnight, and peace.*

*new blog intro + outro, same as YT channel