The Straw Ban Hurts People

I want to address something. Two words, plastic straws. I’m a disabled person, who happens to know other disabled people. In a vast majority of their medical supply packs/backpacks are plastic straws. We don’t use them to harm the environment, we use them to survive. Many disabled people, require straws to eat and drink. I know a few personally, who get all their nutrients for the day through a straw. I need straws to take my medication. A very small fraction of total oceanic waste is straws, yet that’s the thing people are targeting. And to those who say to use other materials: Metal and other types of straws, don’t offer the flexibility or sterility of plastic straws. Using these other straws are a hazard to a person, due to allergy, breaking, and choking hazards.

We don’t hate the environment. As I’ve said, many disabled people require straws for their health and well-being, and groups of abled-bodied people are trying to take that away from us. California did. Please be considerate to the disabled people around you. Thank you.

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