I Enjoy Blogging/Creative Writing. Here’s why: (a list)

I enjoy blogging and creative writing a lot. Here’s a list of the reasons why:

  1. Coping mechanism: Writing is a massive coping mechanism for me. When I’m upset about something (SHOCKER: Men get upset too), I write about it.
  2. Venting: I also creatively vent on important issues on my other website, derekschmitzviews.wordpress.com (shameless plug, btw) to have my voice heard on certain topics like disability and gay rights, and “hot topic” news stories.
  3. Freedom: Creative Writing is freeing for me. I have the freedom to write essentially whatever I want to write. When I set out to write Camden’s Secret, I seeked a way to develop a story based on something that can and does affect people daily, from a fictional standpoint. I brainstormed for days to find a way to do that, and began writing- using the pantsing method (professional term defined as writing without preparation). I write what comes from my head and heart, and it just flows into the document, unchanged/edited from the original idea. I like the fact that with how I write, I’m essentially freed from reality and stress.
  4. Relaxing: Creative Writing and blogging is a relaxation technique for me. Some days, I’ll unwind by writing a few pages or draft blog posts, because it’s oddly stress-free and very calming.

Thanks for reading! Let me know if any of my reasons are the same for you. I’ll write back again soon! -Derek