Another Surgery

Hey guys, Derek here, back here with another personal update. I’m having surgery again, scheduled for Oct 17. It’ll be a 3 incision revision to the last one, 6 week non-weight-bearing (in a wheelchair again), with the 2 weeks directly following the surgery being house-bound. As a result I’m cutting all productions for the (dead) Youtube channel for about two months. Since the last one went kinda wrong, I’m nervous and anxious to get it worked on again, but, it’s better to get done at my “young” age of 15 for “easier recovery” and an “easier adulthood”. I’m not quite sure how active I’ll be on here, YT, or Facebook over the next few days, but I plan on tweeting updates as I can, from my official Twitter page here, which is also my main public source of social media. But yea, just a quick little medical update for y’all. I’ll be back here soon.