My Action/Advocacy for Disabled People

Recently, I’ve taken up disability issues and advocacy. It’s one of my main uses of social media platforms. A big issue in the community right now, is plastic straws. Many disabled people require straws, because of a plethora of reasons. States, the government, and some congressional leaders have called for the banning of plastic straws, and environmentalists have begun shaming disabled people who require straws. As a result of these recent actions, I’ve done three things… 

1. I’ve written multiple blog posts and Twitter threads defending plastic straws. The links are as follows:

2. Written an open letter to Congress regarding these issues, which may be found here:

3. I’ve created an official petition with The White House to address these issues. I would really appreciate if you would sign and share the petition to get this issue and issues like it the traction they deserve here:

But, it goes further than just straws. There are millions of mistreated disabled people, and thousands of “hot-topic” disability issues, and I want to help them get seen and heard.

For those asking why I care, I feel like I have been called to do this. I have platforms that I can utilize to help disabled people, so I’m going to use them. Thank you for taking the time to read all this and sign the petition, I as well as many other disabled people truly appreciate it.