Archived Twitter Thread: Surgery Day

This is an archive of my 10/18/2019 thread on my first surgery. The thread can be viewed here.

Today’s surgery day! I’ll update as I can. Stay tuned to this thread! [Yes, this is prescheduled. But, I’ll be up pretty soon to give actual updates. See you soon.:)]

4:36am: I’m up

5:52am: And we’re off!

6:58am: We’re here! Now begins the wait

7:34am: 4 incisions, 3 hour surgery

8:32am: Just wiped down again. Getting ready but still nervous

10:01am: Might be going in soon

10:32am: Not back yet, hopefully soon

10:49am: Just a few minute according to nurses

5:08pm: I’m done, doing okay but hurting

8:49pm: Been home about an hour. I’m exhausted and hurting