On Vaping

Here are my thoughts on vaping, as requested by a few people.

Vaping isn’t cool. Teens vape because it has become a trend, and think they’re cool (they aren’t). It shouldn’t have become a trend. Teens are actually causing permanent damage to their lungs, and are more than likely fueling a nicotine addiction, that will hurt when they’re older. More must be done to prevent teens from vaping and educate them on the serious health risks on using their vapes. Teens should’ve never been exposed to vapes, and they shouldn’t be so easy to get ahold of. Big companies, like JUUL, and the government must do more to stop teens from getting and using vapes. Make there be serious repercussions to those who use vapes, and do more to prevent the sale of vapes to minors, including the removal of vape ads targeting minors. And teens who get caught vaping need to get the device taken away and get education about what they’ve done to their bodies. We need to break the trend, because young teens are actually getting lung infections and dying because of their vape usages. If teens do vape, they must invest in clean, chemical-free vapes. You aren’t cool, stop it.

Those who use vapes for medical purposes (like CBD or to quit cigarettes) are okay. Whatever you can find that works to medically aid you in your healthcare journey, should still be allowed as long as it is used cleanly (incl no harmful chemicals), properly, and not abused. Vaping, included in this should come from a verified clean, chemical-free vape.

Thank you for listening to my mini-advocacy rant regarding vaping. I want to hear your opinions on this, let me know in the comments!