Whichever Random Flare This Is- April 8, 2am Edition

Live documentation of a bad back pain flare. Wednesday, April 8, 2020 2:03am-3:29am

2:03a: Pain/muscle spasms are rough. Especially a flare at 2am. I would love to sleep, but I can’t because I’m hurting pretty bad. Yes, I’ve taken my relaxer. Yes, I’ve taken Motrin. But I still hurt. And I need to be up and sort of productive in 6 hours. Fun….

2:12a: And now here’s the foot twitches…you’d think the muscle relaxer would fix that too, huh?

2:14a: It’s definitely caused by the atmospheric pressure dropping and maybe the moon? Just scatter brain thoughts here

2:16a: Just throwing this out there so you can see what this is like for me in real time. To be honest, it sucks. I’d love to be asleep right now, not hurting…but my body had other plans, so that’s what I’ve got to deal with.

2:28a: Maybe I’ll just try to go to sleep, fail, and get agitated again. Or maybe my body will grace me with the ability to sleep through this crippling back pain.

2:29a: I need to bring this up with my doctor again. I know it’s not “just your CP.” CP shouldn’t make my back hurt so bad that I can barely move and hurt constantly. I wonder what he’s gonna do about it.

2:29a: Once again just scatterbrain thoughts that I’m leaving up so you can see how this affects me, and it may be a blog post when I feel like it, IDK.

2:31a: This is so hard. Here we go getting rough again. Let’s brace this foot and see if anything changes.

2:39a: This one is so fluctual. I don’t know what’s up but I need to figure it out. Maybe I’ll try sitting up again?

2:43a: There it goes. Trending down on pain in the back, decreased spasticity now. I still hurt, but thank goodness it’s not as bad as it was 40 minutes ago. Maybe I moved to just the right spot or my relaxer finally kicked in, idk but thank goodness I’m not hurting as bad.

2:45a: Most likely won’t be sleeping for the next 15-20 just to make sure it stays managed but as of right now I’m not hurting as bad thank goodness.

2:48a: Quick reminder that pain is subjective. It works differently for different people, and that’s okay.

2:52a: Quick note, I don’t disclose all of this to get followers/likes/whatnot. I don’t care who follows/likes this and stuff like it. I disclose this to show you how real all of this is. I disclose this to share what I go through, whether it’s good or bad. It’s what I choose to do.

2:55a: I’m going to go ahead and try to get in front of this while I have it being somewhat manageable. My auto tweet will go up at 6:15, as always and I’ll be on here 1) if i flare again/can’t sleep due to pain or 2) just whenever I physically wake up. Night y’all.

3:04a: I thought this was over. Body had other plans. Now feels like I’m having something repetitively jackhammered into the center of my vertebrae. Not again please!

3:07a: Guess I jinxed it whoops.

3:14a: I’m laying in a very very odd position but it’s helping at the moment so I’m not going to move. Maybe 5 more minutes of me just laying here to see if I can get this pain to stop completely.

3:22a: I am now a lightly curled ball on top of a contour pillow. It is helping.

3:29a: Alright time for the (hopefully 🤞) actual goodnight tweet. It seems manageable at the moment, so I’m going to sleep. Night y’all! I’ll be back if anything changes.

10:29a: Alright I’m awake now and it’s still there lightly, like always but it’s nowhere near where it was earlier this morning. I haven’t hurt that bad in a while. Thanks for all the kind messages/support!