Aspects of Derek Poem

Derek at the waiting room at the hospital; a kind and

Friendly face comes to the waiting room outside the gym.

Writing his name on a piece of paper is his task.

The cheers of achievement warm, proud, and excited

This is occupational therapy, Derek,

Derek in a hotel room balcony near the hospital the phone

Rings like the cry of a banshee. A man is standing downstairs, smiling and eager for me to arrive.

Through sounds of children and adults in the foyer, a weatherman

Dressed for work, describes an awesome experience.

–Here’s where you meet your idol, Derek.

Derek prepping for surgery, applying chlorhexidine wipes.

Derek driving early in the morning, Derek checking into the hospital.


Saying, “I’m having foot reconstruction today. Where do I go? How will this work? What happens after I wake up?”

Derek famished after waking up from a successful surgery, craving a Milos chocolate milkshake.

Derek determined, cautious, optimistic Derek

At physical therapy to relieve pain and gain strength, Derek in the gym;

Decisions:  walking or stretching?  Where the sun

Shines, Derek in loose fitting workout clothes, eyes toward

The treadmill timer. Where the session ends, Derek at home in a warm, relaxing bath.

Derek in warm maroon red hoodie, comfortable grey sweatpants,

Long foot cast and walking boot,

The cozy but clunky silhouette, the medication and important item

Backpack, heavy scooter, clothes for hanging out with friends, all covering

His fast-beating and anxious heart, gushing as fast as water from Old Faithful.