Structured Christianity

TW: Religion , Homophobia //

Here are my thoughts on structured Christianity that’s probably gonna make my follower count drop. Please read it all!

I think structured Christianity is a bust because of how it indoctrinates people to hate and use their religion as an excuse for doing things while they cherry-pick the Bible and only pull out the stuff that justifies the shaming of women and LGBTQ people. Structured Christianity also offers little freedom outside of the traditional ideals and does not account for cultural change or different biblical interpretations. This leads to increased hate to groups such as LGBTQ people.

I will never set foot in a church again, but I still believe that God is real and maintain my relationship with him outside of a structured environment that’s flexible and open for my interpretation.

I am queer. But, I have been saved. I have a Bible. I read it thoroughly. I read and read and read some more, trying to figure out what it’s trying to say and how to apply it. I pray, often for the good things and the bad. Some of my favorite songs are hymns. Just because I’m queer and don’t go to church doesn’t mean I’m any less of a Christian. As I said, I believe that God is real and maintain my relationship with him that’s flexible and open for interpretation. Thanks for reading!