Archived Twitter Thread: Trauma by Inaction

This is an archive of my 03/30/2021 thread on trauma by inaction. The thread can be viewed here.

[med BS , trauma]

I have an appointment today with the doc who inflicted three years of trauma by inaction. I went to him three years ago with concerns about back and joint pain. He dismissed me and pushed Botox, knowing it’s not an effective treatment for me at all. (thread)

He then refused to write a referral or approve of my independent decision to seek a second opinion from a rheumatologist, because he was sure “nothing will come of it.”

Now I have, and suspect I have had for the entire three year period, juvinelle idiopathic arthritis. He’s gonna be late, as always, which pisses me off too. It’s going to take everything in me not to scream at him so loud I get escorted off the premises by security.

And before you tell me to swap docs, he’s the only peds rehab med in the state. Fuck me.