More Blog Posts Coming Soon

Hey y’all, Derek here. It’s been about 2 months since my last blog post and I really miss writing out long-form stuff. School and life and medical crap have gotten in the way recently.

But, when I get my keyboard, I’m gonna hopefully get back into the swing of things. I have some concepts that I’m going to flesh out throughout the next couple of weeks and then schedule them to go up on some consistent schedule.

I’m hoping to get 4 pieces out per month (1/week, every Saturday) and if I get these 4 concepts I have written in time, October will have a post a week. But that’s subject to change and very tentative due to disabilities, chronic illness, school, life, etcetera etcetera. So just bear with me as I figure stuff out, please.

In the meantime, I’m still very active on Twitter (@derekischmitz) where I do short-form advocacy and thought-sharing. I have a few threads I’m gonna compile soon (mainly a response to an NYT Opinion), but they’ll be here as soon as I have an extra few minutes to put them together.

Thanks for the support, and I can’t wait to be back with longer-form pieces!