A Disabled Teen’s Short, Early Review of the iOS 16 Medication App

Native medication tracking is a feature I’ve been looking at and hoping for since I switched to iOS a few years ago. Yeah, third-party apps are great, but I’ve always wanted it natively, and now I have it in iOS 16 and I LOVE it. It had a DIFFERENT notification noise and it’s so simple to use.

A screenshot of the new Medication tracker in the Apple Health app on iOS 16. On Tuesday, September 13, recorded at 10:41 AM, 2 medications have been marked as taken.

I do wish there was a way to count your pills automatically (like you enter how many you have to start, then every time you mark one as taken the number goes down and it reminds you when to refill). I’m hopeful that might come later, but for now, it’s a pretty good simple system.