Disabled People Should Not Be Excluded from Accessing Lifesaving Equipment. It’s Happening.

Today an article came out on AP (https://apnews.com/91120e7e4e88202a5dfbc00d9156e47e) that has me fired up.

The article says “In preparation (for hospital overwhelm), health officials across the country are reviewing guidelines from sources including state governments and medical groups on how to ration limited resources in emergencies. The general principle spinning those plans: Bring the most benefit to the greatest number of people and prioritize those with the best chance of recovery.”

“Prioritize those with the best chance of recovery” removes older, immunocompromised, and disabled people and cuts their chances to access life-saving equipment. We’re all human. One human should not have priority access to care just because they are able-bodied. That’s ableism. For the love of God, PLEASE STAY HOME SO THIS DOESN’T HAVE TO HAPPEN.

Truthfully, and I acknowledge this, disabled people and older people are going to be the first to die. Because we get shoved away because we require too much help and have a lower chance of recovery. So we don’t get the help to begin with, and we die.

One day, someone will start listening to us. But it sure as heck isn’t right now. They don’t listen when we need it the most. That’s also ableism.

I’m fed up. I’m done staying silent. I vow to not stay silent. This is not okay and it’s never been okay. That’s why today I’m announcing that I will call out all ableism and spend more time fulfilling my duty as a Disability Advocate and will be boosting others who do the same. Thank you.