School Should Be Completely Canceled During COVID-19

Alright, this next opinion might get me into some hot water. Let me start by saying education is extremely important. I will follow that up by saying we are living in unprecedented times. Taking that into consideration: I believe all school should be canceled. Here’s why:

  • 1. Stress: We are living in incredibly stressful times. Believe it or not, existing as a teenager in and of itself is stressful. You have to make friends, keep up with school, new work, and responsibility shifts. Adding on a deadly virus on top of all that creates more stress.
  • 2. Uncertainty: The nature of this virus is so uncertain. That creates fear and anxiety. You cannot/should not be expected to work whilst being in a constant state of anxiety about what’s next.
  • 3. Responsibility shifts: Some teens are using this time to help their families. Whether that’s picking up an extra shift at the Sonic down the street or babysitting, there is a lot more responsibility laid on top of these teenagers right now.

Going “online” makes nothing better. Yes, kids don’t have to show up to campus, but that doesn’t make up for the fact that they are so stretched thin by everything that is happening right now, they can’t mentally handle much else. Schools have the time and resources they need to cut the rest of this year off. There’s time during the next academic year to pick up where the first semester left off. Kids need flexibility and understanding, and from what I’ve seen by the current handling of the situation, they aren’t getting it. By cancelling the rest of the school year, kids can focus on what should matter most: staying safe and being with family. It’s a tough call to make, but it needs to be made, right now.

Thank you.

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