An Open Monologue to The Person who Outed Me

Background: As many of you know, I was outed on February 2, 2020 at 11:57am via Twitter. For Creative Writing, I was tasked to write a monologue to a person who hurt me. I chose him. He took my choice of coming out away from me. I will never forget that day, or the panic and fear I felt after being outed. I stand today in solidarity with those who have had a similar experience. And I want you to know, you are not alone. Today, at noon CST, 3 minutes after this post goes live, I will be coming out my way, and taking away any ounce of power James still thinks he has over me and my life. Thank you all for your support.

Tweet at 11:57am on 2/2/2020: text “@derekischmitz do you think you be a Christian and also be apart of the LGBT community”

Dear James;

How could you do this to me? I trusted you when I told you I was gay, and I believed you when you told me that my “secret” was safe with you. You knew that it was something for me to tell! You knew that if people found out about this, I could lose family and friends. You know where I come from, James. You know that we are in Alabama, right? We are in the same Alabama that has no support or resources for LGBTQ people. We are in a state where I or people like me can be shot just for being gay and get the case dismissed because the defense can claim they were “threatened” by my existence! You tweeted at me and forced me to come out to my friends, family, peers, and teachers. You left that tweet up for six hours, James! Six hours, where I had to decide exactly what I needed to do. I couldn’t deny it, because I was planning on coming out in June anyways. And, I was reluctant to confirm it, because I knew I would lose people. I lost one hundred fifty people that day, James, because I had to confirm it. You gave me no choice! I didn’t get to make my choice when I was ready because you made it for me! Do you know how much damage you’ve done to me? Or how much pain you caused me? You were my closest friend, James… the guy I came to for everything, about everything! And I trusted you! The second you tweeted that, all of my trust and respect for you left. It’s past time for you to leave as well. Goodbye, James.