2020 Election

I’m petrified about this election. Donald Trump is a racist, homophobic, authoritarian bigot who is running for a 2nd term.

Donald Trump has vowed to gut healthcare and LGBTQ rights laws. If he wins, LGBTQ people WILL lose rights and disabled people WILL lose healthcare.

With his enablers, even if he loses this election, he’ll probably somehow still get a second term.

His mishandling of COVID has KILLED 200k Americans and his only comment was ”It is what it is” while he’s been sitting on his ass disregarding his administrations messaging and downplaying the threat. Many more people will die if Trump gets re-elected. I’m scared to be one of them.

Donald Trump is a fascist who craves and promotes violence. (i.e. Proud Boys, Gretchen Whitmer.) Donald Trump believes his opposition should be locked up even though they’ve done nothing wrong.

I’m petrified of him somehow getting a second term.

Biden is leading in the polls now. Guess what, Clinton was too. Clinton won the popular vote. But, Trump still became president. Don’t believe the polls for one second.

IF the election is rigged, Trump is the one doing it.

Vote as if your life depends on it. Because it damn well does.

I am scared. Many of my disabled and LGBTQ friends share these same fears. I am pleading here. Donald Trump CANNOT get a second term. I don’t give a damn if you don’t like Biden or not. It’s anybody but Trump at this point and the best shot is Biden.

I’m 16, yes, but I see the issues around me and my communities. If I could vote right now, I’d cast my vote for Joseph Robinette Biden without a doubt.

We are scared. If Trump gets another 4 years, there’s no telling how much harm he will cause to minorities. We will not be okay if he gets re-elected. Vote on my behalf…on behalf of any disabled or LGBTQ person you know for Joe Biden. Please.

Register to vote and get other voting information at vote.org and PLEASE, however you cast your vote: by mail, early voting, or on November 3, cast the vote for Joseph Robinette Biden. He’s our only hope.

Gonna say this again: Vote as if your life depends on it. Because it damn well does. No matter what the polls say, vote.

Thank you.