I Am Professional (a repost of my recent LinkedIn campaign)

I recently participated in the #IAmProfessional Linkedin campaign and wanted to share my contribution here.

“Hey LinkedIn universe, #IAmProfessional!

I am 17. I am queer. I am non-binary. I am disabled, both mentally and physically. I wear makeup. I attend meetings in t-shirts with galaxy backgrounds. I work from bed sometimes. But still, I am professional.

I work within The Council of State Governments as a member of a group developing and improving state transition policies. I run the Twitter account and facilitate outreach at Autoimmune Community Institute. I develop and execute fundraising efforts for Neighborhood Access. And, I run my personal brand including extensive advocacy and management of a published catalog. Oh, and I’m a student in both high school and college simultaneously.

So, yeah, #IAmProfessional.”